Gubns @ Bloqs: Make an Engraved Brass Pen

Partner Programme

17 Sep 2022

Craft, Industrial & Product Design, Multi-Disciplinary Design, Materials


2 Anthony Way


N18 3QT


London’s biggest open-access workshop, Bloqs, partners with the new platform for architect-makers, Gubns, to host their first metal workshop for guests to create a bespoke brass pen.

The workshop will be guided by Gubns member Aimilios (‘Emil’) Davlantis Lo, a London-based Architect, Machinist and Mechanical Workshop Engineer at UCL’s High Precision Design and Fabrication Facility. Prior to the workshop, Bloqs Co-Founder Al Parra will guide you on a tour of the UK's first open access factory for makers, before Emil introduces the metalworking space. During the workshop, you will receive a demonstration of the equipment, tools, methods and safety measures required. Emil will then take you through the various procedures before it’s your turn to make your brass pen (engraving is optional). The intimate workshop will be a unique opportunity to learn the trade and create a bespoke pen using high-end machinery with expert guidance alongside the architect himself. 12.00: Bloqs tour* 12.30: Workshop begins 15.00: 30min break 17.00: Workshop ends 17.00: Gubns Bloqs Party* The workshop will last four hours, excluding the tour and break—we recommend arriving early to enjoy lunch at the Bloqs Kitchen. All workshop guests receive a complimentary drink at the Gubns Bloqs Party. With only 10 spaces available, tickets are extremely limited, after which a waitlist will be opened. To book, please visit the ticketing site. *If you are unable to join the workshop but would like to attend other tour sessions or the party, visit our ticketing page: / @buildingbloqs /