Partner Programme

20 — 25 Sept 2022

Craft, Industrial & Product Design, Interiors & Furniture, Multi-Disciplinary Design, Art / Collectibles, Materials


3-5 Duke Street




To celebrate its Duke Street debut, Mint curates The Futurists, an exploration into the role of interiors in the circular economy. Emerging and established designers selected for their pursuit of considerate design include, exclusive collections by Christophe Delcourt, Lukas Cober and lighting by Isabella Garbagnati.

The Futurists Mint is delighted to celebrate the opening of its’ charming new space on Duke Street with our exciting show The Futurists. In a three-part exploration into how to be part of a circular design economy, Mint explores the meaning of investing in environmentally and socially considerate design. INVEST in quality that lasts. To this end, Mint is thrilled to permanently present the Delcourt Collection by Christophe Delcourt. A stunningly elegant and timeless collection of furniture that invests in the future by committing to the highest quality. In lighting, we are excited to present the Cabochon chandelier by Isabella Garbagnati, an exquisite and exclusive pendant light handmade from alabaster, brass and glass. EXPLORE new and unusual materials. In this vein, we are delighted to present the Wave Collection, a series of tables and seating by Lukas Cober, who reimagines the use of fibreglass, a highly industrialised material. RE-ENGAGE with recycled/upcycled designs such as the Burnout dining table by Francesco Feltrin made using recycled paper.