Social XR: The Future of Remote XR Socializing

Partner Programme

23 Sept 2023

Industrial & Product Design, Multi-Disciplinary Design

East Village

Applegate House, 20 VictoryParade, London E20 1GF


E20 1GF

Founded by UCL students Wanli Guo, Dezijian Zhou, and Yuanyuan Deng, ZeroSpace is a pioneering technology company committed to transforming how we understand and interact with the world. Our flagship product, Social XR, showcases our unique vision for in-depth social interaction and immersive experiences.

Being in a Long-Distance Relationship means we are separated by physical space. How could we bridge the emotional gap between partners by adding a digital layer to reality for interaction? Social XR is a project developed for Long Distance Relationships, aiming to facilitate partner interaction with bio-signals and extended reality. By incorporating this feature, we aim to provide users with a more immersive and personalized experience, allowing them to bring elements from their physical surroundings into their shared extended reality space, thereby deepening the connection between partners. To begin with, we gather heart rate data from an iWatch and transmit it to the partner's phone, which then vibrates at the corresponding speed. Additionally, the receiver can translate the heart rate into visual effects using LiDar to scan their surroundings. We have also incorporated some social functionalities into the prototype. Users can send spatial messages from their iWatch to their partners. These messages consist of digital animations linked to real-world heart rate data. Furthermore, users can capture and share their living spaces with their partners, who can customise them by adding virtual objects. We provide various prefabs, such as 3D expressions, digital objects, and photo frames. These prefabs also generate specific colours and textures based on real-time heart rate values. With the upcoming MR headset Vision Pro, we are exploring the concept of using our bodies as information sites. Our goal is to allow users to upload text and pictures to create digital objects that can be displayed and interacted with by others. It's akin to wearing a social networking platform, like Facebook, on your body. It transforms the human body into a dynamic canvas for self-expression and sharing in the mixed reality space, creating a truly immersive and engaging social experience. At ZeroSpace, we believe that technology can bridge distances and create more enriching and diverse social experiences. We are dedicated to the continued development of cutting-edge XR technology with a strong focus on user privacy and data security. Our goal is to make Social XR a bridge that connects the world, ensuring all our users enjoy an efficient, secure, and entertaining social experience.