Painting workshop with Naima Elbouhi and Victoria Noakes

Workshop / Demo

Partner Programme

24 Sep 2022

Craft, Multi-Disciplinary Design, Art / Collectibles, Other

Gorst Studios

42 Gorst Road


NW10 6LD

An opportunity to network with open studios, & attend a still-life painting workshop taught by artists Victoria Noakes & Naima Elbouihi.

Gorst Studios is a multi-disciplinary community situated in the heart of Park Royal. From painters, fashion designers, to film makers we invite members of the public to meet our residents in their open studios and network, as well as a still life workshop where we will teach different techniques of painting. The workshop will be held by mixed-media artist, Victoria Noakes and Naima Elbouihi, an abstract artist and print designer. During this workshop guests will be able to experiment with new creative methods and different mediums while drawing and painting from observation. The aim of the workshop is to enable people to explore abstract approaches to painting and explore their creativity in an unconventional manner.