International Pavilions at Design London

Partner Programme

21 — 24 Sept 2022

Industrial & Product Design, Interiors & Furniture, Multi-Disciplinary Design, Fashion & Textiles, Art / Collectibles, Materials

Magazine London

11 Ordnance Crescent

Greenwich Peninsula


SE10 0JH

Design London will bring together show-stopping design from across the globe with a curated series of international pavilions. Product and furniture design from afar as Denmark to Thailand, Portugal to Korea will showcase the very best in up=and-coming local talent.

Continuing Design London's strong emphasis on award-winning international design, International Pavilions returns for 2022 with a roster of never-before-seen design brands to UK shores. Visit a plethora of brands from Denmark to Thailand and Korea to Portugal. Alongside product showcases visitors have the opportunity to listen in on engaging talks from the Danish pavilion on the history of Danish design and an insightful talk brought to you by the Thai pavilion on the BCG approach (Bio-Circular-Green) the new business model that is committed to the environment and sustainability. To respond to the global climate change the Royal Thai Government by the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) recognizes the degree of urgency in the situation, and puts greater importance on the developing, promoting, and expanding trade opportunities for entrepreneurs with “Green Heart” by announcing the development of Bio economy, Circular economy, and Green economy (BCG Economy) and supporting them on the global stage. Design London will introduce Thailand’s Sustainability Heroes – by highlighting a group of 12 designers of furniture & home decoration, from their 50 BCG Heroes campaign. All the products under this project are created under the BCG approach, Bio-Circular-Green, the new business model that is committed to the environment and sustainability to the very core. B – Bio-economy… using environmentally friendly materials with a sustainable production process. C – Circular economy… we don’t generate additional waste, lessening carbon emissions and green house gas. G – Green economy, we don’t interfere with the ecosystem to ensure a good environment for every living thing.