INFLATABLE ARTchitecture Workshop

Workshop / Demo

Partner Programme

20 Sept 2022

Architecture / Landscape, Graphic Design & Visual Communications, Education

Peckham Levels

95A Rye Lane


SE15 4ST

# peckhamlevels

A workshop about pneumatic architecture that offers a hands-on learning experience. The working material will be BOPET film and the participants will experiment with the taping technique for its assembly. The workshop will be experimental, performative, and devoted to distort the perception and create illusions.

Sofia Beatrice Malatesta is an architect, artist and designer. She defines herself as a multidisciplinary practitioner as she can move between digital and physical while transferring her skills from static to immersive. She sharpened her aesthetic sense while stressing social and ecological considerations throughout the design process, developing an understanding of how to design a space that can work across different modes and deliver to different media. The workshop will give the attendees a chance to speculate, experiment, explore and prototype, the attendant will discover how their design can impact the environment. The overall project incorporates a lecture and an action-based activity where participants are challenged to create in less than a day a large-scale breathing sculpture that will be installed in Peckham level as part of the London Design Festival exhibition