Foldit: The first variable color font with variable-gradients + Colrv1 demo

Partner Programme

21 Sept 2023

Graphic Design & Visual Communications, Other

Citizen M London Bankside Hotel

20 Lavington Street



#colrv1 variablegradients foldit variablecolorfont googlefonts

This is a project which made the creation of variable gradient fonts accessible to everyday designers. Learn a basic intro of Colour Font formats, and hear Sophia share her experiences working on Foldit, one of the first fonts in the newest Colrv1 format. It's a colour font, it's a variable font, and it has gradients.

In this talk you will find out what it was like to design and work on an entirely new font format (the trenches). After a short break, it is then followed by an exclusive demo of the workflow for creating your own variable-gradient colour font (the process we developed for you). Foldit is now available on Google Fonts. Presented by Sophia Tai (@SophiaTypeLove)