Design For Planet Collective

Talk / Panel

Partner Programme

16 Sept 2023

Multi-Disciplinary Design

Basque Living

4 Berry Street

Second floor




Join the Design Council for an afternoon of panel discussions that aim to inspire and facilitate cross industry collaboration, innovation and connection in order to move the conversation around design for planet forwards at pace. Explore themes of designing with nature, communities and emerging technology.

Our first panel, hosted by Deborah Szebeko (Think Public), will explore sacred design and the power of inner wisdom, nature based rituals and traditional land-based techniques that take us back to our ancestral roots created with respect for the planet. Deborah will be joined by Nicola Peel (Environmentalist, Inspirational Speaker and Solutionist), Tamsin Smith (How the Celtic wheel can inform our design practice) and Joel Gethin Lewis (Lecturer & Artist). The second panel will discuss how collective wisdom can help disrupt the traditional competitive approach to design and innovation. Join Cat Drew (Chief Design Officer, Design Council) as she speaks with Alexie Sommer (Urge Collective/Co-Instigator of Design Declares), Jo Barnard (Morrama/Co-Instigator of Design Declares), Alicia Storie (Founder of AdesignStorie), Lucy Von Sturmer (Chairwoman of Creatives for Climate & Founder of The Humblebrag) to discover how creating more holistic cross-industry collaborations and solutions with partners and clients alike can help push forward a climate-positive practice. Our third and final panel will be hosted by Valeria Adan (Partner at Projects by IF) and will explore the power of planet positive AI. Joined by Suhair Khan (Open Ended), Elisabeth Graf (IMMA Collective/Climate Adaptation Resilience) and Lex Fefegha (Comuzi), they will discuss how AI can be a force for good, disrupting the current design landscape to focus on a more collaborative approach to designing for planet.