Battersea Design & Tech Quarter Walk/Talk and Explore

Tour / Design Trail

Partner Programme

23 Sept 2023

Architecture / Landscape

Tarmac Battersea Concrete Plant

Off Silverthorne Rd, Queenstown Rd

Nine Elms, Battersea



A behind the scenes walk exploring opportunities for change within the Battersea Design and Tech Quarter.

Join daab design for a Walk/Talk of the Battersea Design & Tech Quarter: 23/09/2023 @ 11:00. Meeting Point in front of the Tarmac plant Silverthorne Rd & Queenstown Rd (opposite the Victoria Pub) What is the Battersea Design & Tech Quarter (BDTQ)? The BDTQ is a Wandsworth Council plan to link communities, create a dynamic public realm and create jobs within Battersea’s industrial area. What types of improvements will the BDTQ deliver? • Improved connectivity: To Queenstown Road/Battersea Park Stations Between Stewarts Ln/Ingate Pl/Havelock Terr. Linking Heathbrook Park to the Power Station. • Place making: Create places for people to gather. Landscape strategies. Cycle travel/shared surfaces. What will this walk/talk entail? We’ll visit the three cul-de-sacs subsites of the BDTQ and look at spaces 'hiding in plain site' and discuss their potential to create new dynamic meeting places for local communities and future tenants of the BDTQ. We’ll examine the three aggregate sites, peak over the walls of the rail yard and discuss how the role the bus depot plays. How long will the Walk/Talk take? Assume 2 hours, coffee and tea at daab design Architect’s office following the walk (103 Silverthorne Rd).