Estonia 100

In 2018, the Republic of Estonia is celebrating its 100th anniversary. The centenary programme (April 2017 to February 2020) marks the most important milestones in the emergence of Estonia’s statehood, with 2,500 events in Estonia and abroad. The aim of finding balance and synergy between the natural and man-made, between old and new is Estonia’s unfolding story. At its roots is the connection with nature; at its height is the future and new possibilities through technology and ways of living.

Estonians have long turned to music as a way of preserving their national identity during foreign domination. Choral singing and a striving for freedom have gone hand in hand since the first song festival in Estonia in 1869. The connection was even stronger at the times of the Singing Revolution in the late 1980s and early 1990s when Estonia regained its independence.

Music is a vital part of Estonian culture and identity. We are therefore immensely proud that “Memory & Light” is part of Estonia’s centenary celebrations.