Usman Haque

With a specialty in networked urban environments, interactive architecture & community activation, Usman Haque has designed & built all sorts of things: spaces, structures, systems, platforms, companies. Trained as an architect, Usman is founder and creative director of Umbrellium, a London-based design & build studio dedicated to transforming urban environments. His work embraces many disciplines, including design, architecture, the internet of things, urban community infrastructure, and large-scale public art/performance. Currently engaged as creative director on an urban rewilding initiative, he was appointed a Design Council Ambassador in 2021 and also heads up strategy and investment for Starling Technologies, a spin-out from Umbrellium dedicated to pedestrian safety. Earlier he founded, a search engine for the Internet of Things; and Pachube, one of the world's first open IoT data platforms, acquired by LogMeIn in 2011.