Perspex® Brand

Perspex® Brand

Established in 1934, Perspex® is a registered trademark of Lucite International, one of the world’s leading producers of acrylic. With world-class research and development facilities across the globe, they are able to deliver a constant stream of inspiring solutions that range from corporate imaging and signage to architecture, fashion, interior design and furniture.

Perspex® acrylic is available in a huge range of colours and technical performance specifications, including enhanced products with various textures and effects. It can even be optimised for illumination.

Perspex® Vario

The Perspex® Vario collection is a transparent cast acrylic sheet range. Each colour option presents a strikingly vivid edge to create a sense of movement, energy and depth, which changes as the angle of vision shifts. It is the ideal material for the most audacious projects.

Arup has selected the following colours:

2T45: Tropical Yellow

4T87: Honolulu Pink

6T95: Lagoon Green

7T5D Cascade Blue

8T10: Passion Flower Violet