Jan Hendzel Studio

Jan Hendzel is a self-taught furniture maker who’s early career began at 15, initially as a pattern maker’s apprentice. He progressed to spend several years making complex metal cast moulds for the automotive and aircraft industries, where he learned the precision required to make organic forms.

In 2008, Jan graduated from Central Saint Martins with a bachelor’s degree in Product Design. He began his design practice as Hendzel + Hunt in 2007, using Peckham, SE15 as a resource for upcycling reclaimed materials and making fine furniture, namely ‘Made in Peckham’ furniture collections and establishing the much-covered ’24-hour design challenge’.

Having cut his teeth at Hendzel + Hunt learning complex joinery, mastering the art of furniture-making and pioneering the use of reclaimed timbers in furniture, Jan established his own studio in 2015 following a successful commission from University of the Arts London. Since its inception, Jan has used the studio as a vehicle to pursue his own ambitions and material experimentations.

The studio now consists of a team of material obsessed, detail driven, designers and makers with a firm ethos on working with UK sourced materials. The expansion from traditional joinery workshop, to merging digital manufacturing practices allows the studio the capacity to experiment on larger scale, complex design projects. 

The studio continues to experiment with texture and function, with an output that playfully weaves between sculpture and furniture. 

His diverse portfolio includes vanity stands for recently opened Birch hotel, furniture for zero waste restaurant, Silo, and furniture for Terence Conran’s restaurant, Wilder. He has exhibited work at Design Junction, Sims Reed Gallery, Masterpiece, and the Saatchi Gallery.