Material Matters

Material Matters is a platform for material intelligence. Launched as a podcast in 2019 with a simple idea; in each episode design writer and commentator, Grant Gibson, talks to an artist, maker, designer or architect about their relationship with a particular material or technique and discovers how it changed their lives and careers – a bit like a design version of Desert Island Discs. The Material Matters fair - launched in September 2022 - works with the podcast to bring to wider attention the people, companies and organisations that will help shape the rest of the century. Ultimately, it is about increasing awareness of the importance of material intelligence – and the way we use our resources – to design a better, more sustainable, world. Owner and organiser of Material Matters, Delizia Media Ltd was established by Grant Gibson and William Knight in 2021, bringing together nearly fifty years of experience in design writing, broadcasting, promotion and event organisation.