Who Knew You Could Make an Incredibly Effective Laptop Stand Out of Folded Paper?!

grape lab x Yanko Design

grape lab

grape lab is a sustainable design lab that does various experiments to solve environmental and social issues from a design point of view. We focus on wasted resources and vulnerable people in marginal areas of our society. 

Combining recycled and wood-free papers with unique folding techniques we create unique stationery products with sustainable lifecycles. 


− The Beauty of Less
Minimal resources, and skills.

More important than just focusing on creating a good product, we understand all the process behind its creation. We carefully think about every step of our product’s lifecycle and its connection to the environment–from production to its disposal. Continually searching for the cleanest sources, using minimal resources and green technology is our design goal.


+ The Beauty of More
It can be slower, but together.

Society is also part of our environment and as a social venture, our mission is to build a more collaborative world. People with intellectual disabilities are a vital part of our society’s diversity and our team–their talents give life to our products. We help them get more visibility through employment and profit-sharing.