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Emerging Talent Medal: Roland Lamb


Roland Lamb, whose work focuses on reshaping music creation, was announced winner of the 2014 Swarovski Emerging Talent Medal. The Emerging Talent Medal, supported by Swarovski, recognises an individual who has made an impact on the design scene within five or so years of graduation.

Roland Lamb is the founder and CEO of ROLI and the inventor of the Seaboard. With wide-ranging interests in music, technology, design, and philosophy, he leads a company of creative polymaths who are inventing new, joyful ways for humans to interact with technology.

Roland grew up in rural New Hampshire, where he was homeschooled. His father is a jazz pianist, and Roland started on the piano when he was a toddler. He started his first business - a jazz cafe for other students - while attending Summerhill, an alternative school in the UK. Lamb designed the first application of the SEA Interface—the Seaboard GRAND—a musical instrument that re-imagines the keyboard as a sensitive, soft three-dimensional surface that enables unprecedented intuitive manipulation of the fundamental characteristics of sound.

A lifelong musician, Roland has applied his award-winning approach to building pressure-sensing interfaces to create new musical instruments that bring together elements of traditional and electronic instruments. He is the founder and CEO of Sea Labs, a fast-growing music technology start-up creating interactive devices.

Supported by Swarovski.