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Emerging Talent Medal: Daniel Rybakken


The Emerging Talent Medal recognises an individual who has made an impact on the design scene within five or so years of graduation. Norwegian designer, Daniel Rybakken, was awarded the Emerging Talent Medal in 2013.

Born in 1984, Daniel Rybakken grew up in Oslo, Norway. He studied design at the Oslo School of Architecture and the School of Arts & Crafts in Gothenburg, Sweden. On graduating with a Master of Fine Arts in 2008 from HDK Gothenburg, he opened his own design studio in both Oslo and Gothenburg. Rybakken explores natural and artificial light in his conceptual art before shifting into lighting design.

Rybakken's work occupies the area between art and design, forming limited editions, art installations and prototypes for serial production. His main focus has been to work with daylight and how to artificially recreate its appearance and subconscious effect. His aim is to trick viewers into thinking it's sunny outside when it's not, so he creates artificial windows and false patches of sunlight.

Rybakken’s clients include Luceplan, Linge Roset, Galerie Kreo, Spazio Rossana Orlandi and the Norwegian Embassy.