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About Julia Bertolaso

Julia is a multidisciplinary designer, researcher, and maker with a background in interior and spatial design. Julia takes an experimental approach to design, exploring interconnections of different practices. By questioning today’s role of design and its impact on society and our environment, she harnesses a responsible attitude. Her current focuses lie within the realms of design literacy, embodied cognition, human ecology, and interaction design, all contributing to her ongoing research project which investigates how humans will engage with the physical manifestation of the digital interactions in the future, questioning how it generates a disengagement in the physical environment today more than ever before.

In 2018-2019 Julia completed the masters in ‘Design for Emergent Futures’ at IaaC and Elisava where she completed Fab Academy at Fab Lab Barcelona, engaging with the maker community and instructional systems design method.

Previously, Julia graduated from University of the Art London: Chelsea College of Arts and Design in Interior and Spatial Design. As part of the program she took part in Design Studio 07, a research design studio exploring the role of emergent technologies in the complex architecture of our society and the built environment, within different scales and time frames. It looked into speculative architecture and spatial design as the core methods to explore desirable futures in architecture.

In summer 2018, Julia was selected as part of a team of three graphic designers and two interior and spatial designers to co-create a collective named ‘Unfold Kawagoe’ who’s identity was defined by a research project, collaborative workshops and the curation of a final exhibition in the Japanese city of Kawagoe, presenting the physical outcomes and the insights from her collaboration with Bunkyo Gakuin University in Tokyo, Japan.

In 2018, she was awarded the Interior and Spatial Legacy Cup for demonstrating best the connecting of theory and practice with her final undergraduate project ‘The Flow of Convergence’, a speculative film which attempts to pose the problem of digital information overflow and its associated fundamental issues. Through speculation, it narrates a radical change following the collapse of our current digital information infrastructure and explore the possible shift in behaviour, values, and model achieved through a dramatic development in the scale and use of biomimetic and neoplasmatic approaches in architecture.

In 2019, Julia was invited at UAL: Chelsea College of Arts and Design by two practitioners and tutors to present to final year students her work achieved as part of her studies and to share multiple design tools and methodologies within a multidisciplinary context.

In 2020, Julia co-created, in collaboration with the digital designer Veronica Tran, LINK Journal's first issue: 'States of Matter', a trans-disciplinary journal exploring 'in-between' spaces, modes of communication, and translations within creative practices. An enquiry into future thinking and cultural shifts.