Size Doesn't Matter / design_estonia

14 September 2017

11am – 6pm
Oxo Tower Wharf / Bargehouse Street, South Bank, London

Estonian Association of Designers

The Estonian Association of Designers (EAD) brings together over 150 designers from fields like product, textile, fashion and graphic design. It promotes Estonian design in its home country as well as abroad; it initiated the development of a national design policy; together with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and the Ministry of Culture, it participates in creating means for developing design and increasing demand and supply. EAD regularly organises educational seminars, workshops and competitions and presents the BRUNO product design award (as a part of the Estonian Design Awards).

EAD participates in the work of larger design organisations and has been a member of the board of various organisations (ICSID, BEDA, EIDD Design For All Europe, DME Award), it collaborates in projects focused on issues like inclusive design, health care design, human cities, design management and so on.

The main design event of the year is international Tallinn Design Festival (DISAINIÖÖ) organised 12 years by EAD and Disainiöö MTÜ ( HYPERLINK "" The program consists of seminars, workshops, exhibitions, competitions, talks, fashion shows, guided tours etc.

For making Estonian design more visible EAD established the Estonian Design House in 2010 housing 2 Estonian design shops and designers’ studios.

Main projects:
Estonian Design House - online shop:
Tallinn Design Festival / DISAINIÖÖ [25.09-1.10.2017]
Size Doesn't Matter - travelling exhibition
Estonian Product Design Award BRUNO
Tallinn For All