diversity + inclusivity by Design


19 September 2017

10am - 6pm
Stephen Lawrence Gallery - University of Greenwich
SE10 9BD

School of Design | University of Greenwich

A number of creative disciplines have come together in the newly formed School of Design at the University of Greenwich, London. Whether it be designed for buildings, for spatial arrangements, for concepts, products, or for narrative engagement, we are all critical participants in a complex economy of creative and professional challenges and opportunities. The school is the home for Architecture, the Build environment, Landscape Architecture, Graphic Design, Digital arts, Film, TV, and Media Communication and Animation.

The University of Greenwich established in 1890 and is located on the banks of the River Thames in London and the historic Chatham Maritime in Kent and is named as one of the world’s “most international” universities (THE magazine) The School of Design is located in the heart of Greenwich in a state-of-the-art design building.