‘Cocktail Atmospheres’: Matter of Stuff takes residence at sketch during LDF

19 September 2017

Monday - Friday 7am - 2am; Saturday - 8am - 2am, Sunday 8am - 12am
9 Conduit Street


sketch’s home, 9 Conduit Street, was designed by James Wyatt in 1779 and has previously been the headquarters of the Royal Institute of British Architects before later becoming the London Atelier of Christian Dior.

sketch was inaugurated in 2002 by restaurateur Mourad Mazouz and three Michelin starred chef Pierre Gagnaire, as a destination for food, art and music and continues to contribute to the building’s heritage as a destination for
experimentation in design, art and architecture.
The site consists of the Lecture Room & Library, the Parlour, the Glade, the East Bar, and the Gallery. The Lecture Room & Library was awarded its first Michelin star in 2005, in 2012, the restaurant won its second Michelin star, which it retains today.

Over the past decade, due to Mazouz’s commitment to art and design, the venue has hosted over fifty exhibitions of artists’ moving image including work by Carsten Nicolai, John Baldessari, Jonas Mekas, Mary Ellen Bute and more recently Turner Prize winner Martin Creed and Turner Prize Nominee David Shrigley as part of a new long-term programme of artist-designed restaurant for the Gallery.

MOS is founded by architects and curators Simona Auteri and Sofia Steffenoni, who realise the importance of the people behind the products they represent and the enormous amount of time, knowledge and expertise that is spent developing a finished product by artists, designers and fabricators.
Their aim is to develop a community of designers and manufacturers with a culture where craftsmanship is at the heart of any creation, be it a space or a product.
The name Matter of Stuff reflects the company’s passion for materiality and the importance of prime materials as the base of everyday objects. As well as an e-commerce site, the MOS website is an informative platform where customers and design lovers are able to get insight into the creating process behind the objects on sale. Matter of Stuff’s range of products combine cutting edge techniques with traditional craftsmanship and creativity.

Founders Simona Auteri and Sofia Steffenoni comment: "‘We select designers and manufacturers on the base of their talent and know how with the vision of creating a community where new collaborations are made possible. We are so used to having fast accessibility to so many products that we hardly stop and think about how that particular object was made, assuming it just came out of a box. Matter of Stuff challenge that assumption, and want to unveil the story and process of making behind each product we sell.”

Matter of Stuff takes on a selection of architecture and interior design projects, offering its clients a fully comprehensive consultation, from architecture to interior design and furnishing services. MOS caters to the very highest level of excellence, tailoring exclusive concepts to the client’s personal vision and requirement.

Founders Simona Auteri and Sofia Steffenoni are UK registered architects.