Marion Friedmann Gallery

15-20 September 2018

Sat, 11am-8pm, Sun-Fri, 11am-7pm
192 Piccadilly
St. James's
Free Event

Marion Friedmann Gallery

Marion Friedmann Gallery is a London based pop-up gallery representing limited edition design of emerging and established designers with specific attention on Latin America.
Marion Friedmann has been working within the design discipline for 20 years as researcher, collector, consultant and curator and in 2011 founded the gallery.
The mission is to curate exhibitions and events around design, material culture and the crossover area of design and art, allowing for experiments and explorations within the realms of objects and materiality.

The curator’s and gallerist’s design interest is informed by the extraordinary as well as the mythologies of everyday life; by the exceptional and experimental as well as by a cultural context, where design refers simply to the productive existence of the human being, to space and interaction and to the thingly phenomenons of the everyday designed environment.
Tel: ++44 - (0) 7949 726097