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Media + Architecture

Screens in the Wild @The Bartlett

18 September 2020

Friday 5 pm- 5.45 pm
Free Event

Screens in the Wild

Screens in the Wild is building a series of architectural interfaces in East London and Nottingham neighbourhoods, which use broadcast media and interactive technologies to enhance real world connections, add value to the daily experience of the urban environment, foster community participation.

The Screens in the Wild team includes: designers, makers, architects, HCI designers, computer scientists, anthropologists, developers, artists and curator

The Bartlett is the Faculty of the Built Environment of University College London and one of UCL's 11 constituent faculties | The Bartlett School of Architecture is one of the world's most exciting architecture schools, in one of its most inspiring cities.

The Mixed reality Lab: The Mixed Reality Laboratory (MRL) was established in 1999, and is an interdisciplinary group exploring the potential of ubiquitous, mobile and interactive technologies to shape everyday life.