Materiality and Sustainability; creating a sensorial environment

de Le Cuona

15 & 17-22 September 2018

Open Mon-Sat 10am-6pm. Event, Tue 10am-11am
44 Pimlico Rd
Free Ticketed Event

de Le Cuona

de Le Cuona is a purveyor of luxury textiles for interiors with a 25-year history. The company sources the finest fibres from around the world to create exquisitely understated linen, wool paisley, velvet, silk and cashmere.

Fabrics are meticulously crafted and distinguished by their particular handle. Bernie de Le Cuona is unique, being at the helm of both the design and creative direction as well as business operations. With her vision, de Le Cuona is a luxury global brand. Now with fabric and home accessory collections launched each year, the company has grown into an international enterprise with thriving showrooms in London and New York and a network of elite distributors and agents worldwide. The headquarters are in Royal Windsor.

The new flagship showroom at 44 Pimlico Road has refashioned the fabric house in one of London’s most exciting and established design districts. This space captures the spirit of Bernie de Le Cuona, her passion for textiles and travel, culture and contrast. It reflects the de Le Cuona lifestyle – a natural, timeless, layered luxury rooted in raw sophistication with a sense of the unexpected.

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