Material Connections

Abbie Adams X The Koppel Project
Monday-Sunday 10am-6pm
49 Poland Street
Free Event

Abbie Adams x The Koppel Project

The Koppel Project is a UK registered charity and cultural centre promoting the work of international emerging artists. Our programme of exhibitions and events engages the community and fosters intercultural exchange.

Conceived as a hub for creativity and innovation, The Koppel Project offers 100 affordable studios for artists and spaces for creative enterprises alongside multiple contemporary art galleries.

Material Connections, hosted at The Koppel Project central, curated by Abbie Adams presents an exhibition and five day workshop series. Featuring works by a group of emerging creatives who look to materials and making to engage in a wider conversation of culture, social and environmental sustainability. 

The exhibited works are collaborative, bringing together people and materials from all over the world; from ancient glass blowing techniques in Herat, pine bark harvested in Latvia,  embroidery from The Jordan Valley and garments hand crocheted by ‘Kanyogoa’ mothers in Uganda. The event seeks to cast light upon practitioners who utilise making as a tool to narrate material fiction and show that shared skill and cooperation are central to creative collaboration.