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Live Beautifully, Live Sustainably

Vênoor Living

15-22 September 2018

Mon-Fri: 8am-11pm Sat: 9.30am-11pm Sun: 9.30am-5pm
Vênoor Living @ Theatre Deli
Theatre Deli Cafe
2 Finsbury Ave
Free Ticketed Event

Vênoor Living

Vênoor Living is a contemporary design-led and sustainable lifestyle brand.

We create well-designed sustainable furniture with minimal cost to our environment, whilst helping communities in need survive and thrive through improving their local environment and providing livelihood opportunities.

With every order we process, we plant a tree at our regeneration project in rural India; so that we replace the natural resource that we have used, and in planting new trees pumping more oxygen into parts of the world that need it most.

Our initiative also provides continuing education and resources as well as sustainable income opportunities to these local farmers. 

On our journey so far, we have been hugely privileged to work with amazing craftsmen and women from the rural communities we support. We work in a collaborative approach, which allows us to learn from them and share knowledge, which has been passed down from generations. As well as supporting this rich artisan heritage, we also work with modern factories using innovative processes, materials, and techniques to make our furniture as sustainable and sophisticated as possible.

Vênoor Living is not about mass-produced style over substance. 

Our furniture is made to last. We consider every aspect of the making process from raw material sourcing to the last finishing touches and ensure that our products are made with our environment and sustainability in mind. 

“My Grandfather very much led by example and left a legacy behind, in terms of his love for the earth, and the values he lived by. With a renewed purpose, we ventured out to pursue our own legacy by launching Vênoor Living, where we believe in the concept ‘Live Beautifully, Live Responsibly’.”