Product Launch

Launch Party and Pop-Up

Saw & Sew

15-19 September 2019

Sun 7pm-10pm, Mon-Thu, 12pm-10pm
3-5 Mill Street

Saw & Sew

Saw & Sew specialises in making quality, bespoke furniture accessible to everyone. Our core product – a robust, environmentally-friendly, steel chair component – can be easily constructed and entirely personalised by the customer.

Placing creativity and ingenuity alongside feasibility, we aim to engage with and empower others, from in or outside the furniture world, to envision a design and see it through to a finished, affordable piece.

Based on principles of creativity and individuality, imagination is at the heart of Saw & Sew. First and foremost a creator, founder Winston Ferguson has spent his life makings things: from furniture to food to websites. Spotting a gap in the market for affordable, customised furniture, he set up Saw & Sew to make pieces that could be easily adapted and decorated to taste, that would, at the same, challenge people to invent and create – to make it their own.

After years spent pulling apart chairs (our initial piece) and testing angles to craft the ideal seat as well as discovering how to produce it sustainably and cost-effectively, we came up with a durable model that can be built and finished to individual preference.

Saw & Sew is excited to see what direction this core chair component might take. We encourage professional designers, builders and the general public alike to adapt and develop it.