Architecture in the Extreme

Antarctica 200

15-20 September 2019

Mon-Sun 11am-9pm
Architectural Association School of Architecture,
36 Bedford Square,
AA Gallery, Ground Floor, WC1B 3ES
Free Event

Antarctica 200

Antarctica 200 is a cross-disciplinary project directed by the Giulia Foscari and Francesco Bandarin. Working closely with a group of global experts from the fields of architecture, engineering, science, glaciology, international law, anthropology, fashion technology, literature and art, Antarctica 200 aims to shift the collective attention South and to unveil the unique traits of the continent. The research agenda has the following primary objectives: assess Antarctica’s indisputable role in the global ecosystem, understand the conflicting and fragile geopolitical implications of the Antarctic Treaty and its experimental governance model, and document the evolution of Antarctic architecture to challenge the state of the arts and bring to the foreground prototypes for inhabitation in the extreme.


The academic platform of Antarctica 200 is the Polar Lab, a network of research clusters distributed around the globe in countries which have an intense history with Antarctica. Though apparently counterintuitive for a territory that defies national claims, such an approach encourages the un-censoring of unique narratives and study cases otherwise concealed in regional archives and local intelligence.


To date, the Polar Lab hubs are run within the following organizations: Architectural Association (UK), Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (CL), Ness (AR), Escola da Cidade (BR), Hong Kong University (HK). The English, Chilean and Hong Kong based Polar Lab directors (respectively Giulia Foscari, Francesco Bandarin, Arturo Lyon and Juan Du) and their students will all converge to London for “Architecture in the Extreme”.