Craft in the Digital Age: Make your own Typeface

Alexandra Lunn Studio

19-21 September 2018

Weds-Fri 10am - 5pm
The Swiss Church in London
79 Endell Street
Ticketed Event

Alexandra Lunn Studio

We are a studio who concentrate on traditional folklore practices on one hand and modernist aesthetics on the other. As a graphic designer in the digital age, what does it mean to handle both folklore craft (paper cutting) and twentieth-century graphic design and typography (an essential tool of graphic design) as "traditions," as "heritage"? How is collaboration shaped by the sharing of traditional crafts in a global community?


During London Design Festival 2018, we invite you to revoke the lack of face to face communication and traditional craft by using your hands to make a typeface, from scratch.


The process of doing rather than the final outcome is significant. Stepping out of your usual routine to partake in a fun and interactive activity will leave you with a positive, collaborative and memorable experience of the festival as well as what craft is and can be.