AFTERSPACE: Art Project of O&A London and Gazelli Art House

O&A London

15-20 September 2018

MON-FRI 10:00 – 18:00; SAT-SUN 10:00 – 19:00
39 Dover Street, London
Free Event

O&A London

The O&A London furniture collection was created by the leading design team of Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova. With their focus on the very finest details and on combining time-honoured and pioneering methods and materials, they are renowned for producing one-off pieces that harmonise effortlessly with their setting. This is the hallmark of O&A London.

The minimalism and precision of O&A London pieces can be traced back to the luxuriance of the Art-Dèco and late Modernism movements and to the clean, sharp lines of Bauhaus. By cherry-picking attributes from these iconic moments in history, O&A London has created something classically-rooted for the contemporary interior. It is a collection that can be said to question the very role of furniture; a fundamentally sculptural approach that embraces the very latest technologies in a skilful balance of ideas and materials, of form and function.