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About Domenico Orefice

Domenico Orefice’s work is based on respecting matter and its history, transcending the traditional distinctions between design, craftsmanship, and art. He seeks a distinctive form in the object which communicates the project in a clear and immediate way and playfully re-examines the form and function of the object giving it new meanings.

Passionate about Italian design icons and with a graffiti and street art background, the designer creates his products as an outcome of a path that goes from the mind to the hands and at last to the eyes. All of this can be seen on pictures of his works, photoshoots which Domenico himself, as an art director, takes care of and through which he depicts the origin and imaginary of such works.

The latest projects range from self-productions to limited editions that rediscover archaic materials, as raw earth or cotton rag. These materials are used working side by side with artisans and changing them with new technologies and languages in order to create primitive-contemporary objects.