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About Anya Muangkote

Anya has a multidisciplinary approach to design, uniting the fields of architecture, music, and product. ​For her, design is present in every creative practice, in different mediums and scales—from the spaces that we dwell into the tactile entities that we utilise in a daily routine.

She aspires to design for radical change; to create a positive social and environmental impact, as she stand for equity and strongly believes in societal and ecological justice. Anya is passionate about utilising her design to raise public discussion on social norms, status quo, and (un)desirable futures; either implicitly or explicitly.

Since she imagines ‘design’ as a tool for change; politically, economically, and environmentally—she hopes her work could empower people to challenge current modes of production and consumption—​as perception and behavioural shifts are desperately needed in times of crisis.