Wilkhahn, Soundtect and Simonswerk - Open Showroom

Open Studio / Showroom

Partner Programme

20   —    21 Sep 2022

Interiors & Furniture, Materials

Wilkhahn Showroom

45 Great Sutton Street



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Wilkhahn, Soundtect and Simonswerk, welcome you into their Great Sutton Street showroom for an open showroom between 11-5pm on Tuesday 20th September 2022 and Wednesday 21st September 2022, during the Clerkenwell Design Trail. We are looking forward to seeing all of you that are adventuring on the Design Trail.

See a wide selection of design-led sustainable acoustic solutions for walls and ceilings, iconic and multifunctional desks, chairs and office furniture, and hinge systems for heavy duty, residential and entrance doors. Meet the collective team as we take you through a vast array of products and solutions for any environment, whilst sipping a glass of something cold and lovely, and a bite to eat. All three brands are established manufacturers and suppliers of solutions for the commercial sector, with many awards and accolades between them. Together we offer a fantastic opportunity to take a small but productive break from the office, to see how we can enhance your next project.