The Third Carer: A vision for a new type of hospital / A lecture by Ab Rogers, 26 September

Partner Programme

17   —    18, 20   —    25 Sep 2022

Architecture / Landscape


66 Portland Place




Join Ab Rogers on Monday 26 September for an inspiring evening as he presents his prize-winning Living Systems proposal, an experiential concept that offers a practical as well as holistic approach to hospital design. He will talk in more detail about how we connect with space to help alleviate symptoms.

The vision for the hospital of the future celebrates the art of care. The idea of a space that nurtures and welcomes every individual who uses the space, from the staff, patients, and carers. Living Systems by Ab Rogers Design draws on his extensive experience over the years creating environments for retail, hospitality, and exhibition installations. This knowledge has informed his Living Systems proposal, creating an experiential concept that is a practical as well as holistic approach to the space. Ab Rogers won the Wolfson Economics Prize in 2021. His proposal was asked to “radically improve” hospitals for patients and staff. Rogers’ approach is collaborative in his response and looks at the building as a ‘third carer’ alongside the medical staff that work to treat and support patients and the public. These hospitals will support the community both in body and mind and adapt to suit the diverse needs of the public that use the building. The hospital will be designed to maximise the exposure to natural light as well as provide spaces for nature to enhance the space. Following the lecture, Ab will be joined by Neurologist and Neuroscientist Dr Laura Benjamin, Principle Clinical Research Fellow (Associate Professor), UCL, who was a key member of the panel of expert advisors that consulted on the studio’s Wolfson Prize submission.