The quietest portable booth on the market..

Partner Programme

20   —    21 Sep 2022

Interiors & Furniture

Bachamnn Showroom

45 St John St,



Black Cat Music & Acoustics launch new 'Hola' portable sound isolation phone booth from Studiobricks. Thanks to technology from Bachmann, the booth is rechargeable, offering much greater flexibility. In addition, talks from 'New Work' expert, Boris Bender.

We believe silence is a superpower for focus and creation. Studiobricks’ sound isolation spaces give you this power, providing the freedom to create in your way and on your terms. Our unrivalled sound-isolation is paired with sustainable production practices and impeccable aesthetics, while our patented design allows you to assemble and disassemble the booth whenever life requires. Freedom to be loud, silent, creative and productive. Freedom to be you. It’s easy to imagine music or silence: just close your eyes and mentally play a melody, or cover your ears and try to isolate yourself from any external stimuli. But, it’s not so easy to imagine a space where music and silence flow so naturally, as in a soundproof booth. That is why there is no better way to experience what a soundproof booth can really offer than to experience the silence it offers us when we close the door and open up a world of silent possibility. This is why Studiobricks, Bachmann and Black Cat Music & Acoustics will be presenting the 'Hola' Booth at Bachmann’s Clerkenwell showroom in London on 20th and 21st September. You no longer need to go outside or lock yourself in a room to be able to talk without interruptions or to make calls on sensitive or confidential topics. The Hola booth is very flexible in size and design, as it's portable with castors allowing for easy relocation to different parts of the workplace, home or study. The Hola booth is an individual phone booth, ideal for calls and video conferences and provides a comfortable space to work. Moreover, it’s the most acoustically insulated booth on the market: up to 45 decibels of sound reduction. Like the rest of our booths, the Hola booth is constructed with recycled foam from upholstery waste and recycled denim for wall insulation, and the sound absorbers are made from recycled PET. By the way, did you know that we were awarded Ecovadis certification for sustainable performance? Our partners: Our booths look too good to be true? What’s the secret? A combination of experience and technical equipment, excellent acoustic materials, and of course, our partners. The electrical frame of the Hola booth and the rest of Studiobricks booths are designed and manufactured by Bachmann, the leading supplier of designer sockets, intelligent PDUs and digital solutions. In the Bachman Clerkenwell showroom we will be joined by our exclusive UK distributor Black Cat Music & Acoustics. We have been working with Black Cat for many years, and have built a great partnership that has allowed us to incorporate the invaluable feedback from their customers to improve our performance and launch new product lines. In addition we will be joined by Boris Bender, an independent 'New Work' specialist and business consultant. His talks will take place at the Bachmann Showroom on both days of the Clerkenwell Design Trail, on 20th & 21st September at 11am & 6pm. We would love to see you there for our talks and to view the new Hola booth.