Sustainable China Matters: 可持续中国·活动

Talk / Panel

Partner Programme

20 — 25 Sept 2022

Craft, Digital, Multi-Disciplinary Design, Service Design, Fashion & Textiles, Materials, Education

WEVE2050 Pop-Up

55a Dean St



#Sustianibility, Circular Economy, Enterprise, Factory, Innovayion,Chinese Market, bio-material, 3d printing, NFT, ditgital fashion, AI painting

A series of online & offline events in the exhibition Sustainable China. Events include design and craft open studio, interviews and talks from designers, researchers and entrepreneurs in the sustainable field from China.

We will be running an ongoing open studio at the exhibition venue to showcase sustainable design practices. /Book a ticket: In parallel, we will be holding four online events. 17/9 Online Opening Night (Chinese) In the online space we will hold a party where the audience will meet the artists face to face. /The event is facilitated by X Academy 22/9 Web 3 Sustainable Practise (English) /This event is facilitated by Recyclist 24/9 Sustainable China Matters (Chinese) /This event is facilitated by X Academy, Sustaining New Life 25/9 Science, Art, Sustainable (Chinese) /This event is facilitated by Triad More information: ———————————————————————————————————— 我们会在展览场地进行持续的open studio,展示可持续设计的实践。 /订票: 同时,我们将举行四场线上活动: 17/9 Online Opening Night(中文) 在线上的空间中,我们将举行一场 party,观众会和艺术家面对面交流。 /该活动由X Academy促成 22/9 Web 3 Sustainable Practise(英文) /该活动由循环派促成 24/9 Sustainable China Matters(中文) /该活动由 X Academy, 持续新生促成 25/9 Science, Art, Sustainable(中文) /该活动由三项式促成 /详细信息: