Stop 10: The Six Bells - Daydreaming on the King’s Road

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16 — 24 Sept 2023


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The Six Bells (now the Ivy)

197 King's Road,




This is stop number 10 of 14 in the Design Trail 'Daydreaming on the King’s Road', a walk through time and design supported by Cadogan and King's Road Partnership.

If you don’t get too distracted by the decorations on what is now the Ivy Chelsea Garden and look up, you will see six small bells hanging over the entrance of 197 King's Road. They call upon the past occupant of the property, the Six Bells public house. Poet Dylan Thomas and playwright Samuel Beckett (Beckett was staying in nearby Paultons Square in the 1930s), are among many who frequented the establishment. It became a well known venue for Jazz in the 50s and 60s when the upstairs was occupied by Trog’s Jazz Club, run by cartoonist and clarinettist Wally Fawkes. Amongst others, the venue catered to the students from Chelsea College around the corner on Manresa Road who were ready to have fun after the post-war austerity. Fawkes was an accomplished musician himself and played with the likes of Humphrey Lyttelton and George Melly.