Motarasu showcase of collection & launch of Dawn Wall Lamp

Exhibition / Installation

Partner Programme

16 — 17, 19 — 24 Sept 2023

Interiors & Furniture

South Arcade, Islington Square

116 Upper Street


N1 1QP

Visit MOTARASU’s exhibition showcasing the UK launch of their novel and poetic Dawn Wall Lamp, designed by Danish Bly Studio — the Scandinavian Design Award winner 2023. In addition, MOTARASU’s unique full lighting collection will be showcased, as well as a selection of their furniture pieces and accessories.

The Dawn Wall Lamp is designed to be placed centred above a double bed, sofa or where reading light is required to two sides: one lamp instead of two, on each side of the bed or sofa. The simple shape holds an element of surprise when unfolding by the user, transforming the strict circle into a dynamic curved shape — atmospheric and soft in its visual language. The wall lamp is the latest addition to a very unique lighting collection — with pendants handmade with bamboo sticks in Japan, designed by Tani Toshiyuki and a soft minimal and atmospheric pendant & table lamp made with a simple wooden structure and washi paper, both designed by Lars Vejen. Furniture and accessories will also be showcased, designed by Lars Vejen + Taijiro Ishiko, Akiko Ken Made, Stilleben & Masuko Unayama, will also be showcased. Founded in 2019, MOTARASU creates lighting, furniture and interior that calls for being present in the now. Fusing the design heritage of Denmark with the aesthetics of Japanese craftsmanship, the efforts are focused on the philosophy of surrounding oneself with few yet beautiful, high-quality objects that bring joy. Closeness to nature is fundamental to all MOTARASU designs, where material and techniques combine to create tactile and sculptural objects that each place natural materials central to both design and functionality. ‘When we surround ourselves with things that excite us aesthetically, it can help us become more present in the moment.’ / Founder Mikkel Zebitz