Partner Programme

17   —    18, 20   —    25 Sep 2022

Interiors & Furniture, Urban Design

Ligne Roset Westend

23-25 Mortimer Street





Ligne Roset Westend present key pieces of the 2022 collection, by designer Philippe Nigro. MARECHIARO, a breath-taking domestic landscape, a palisade, an architecture, features alongside Nigro's HEMICYCLE seating design created in conjunction with The Mobilier National to embody French design at point of innovation

The MARECHIARO system is a screen-cabinet on one side aimed at storing books and objets dear to us. On the other side is a screen made up of triangular wooden slats assembled in an openwork to maintain a certain transparency. Magic comes with the treatment of the 3 sides of the triangular strut: 2 sides stained black with the third painted an hedonistic gold. This creates a visual trick of the eye as you move around it seeing all black, then gold like the flick of a Venetian blind - creating movement and surprise. Three modules: straight, concave, convex allows multi compositions to delimit a space. If the term HEMICYCLE might be evocative of the Assemblee Nationale, it was also chosen for its completely different geometrical connotation. The use of this straight seat must also be well suited for use in public spaces or more traditional habitats. It represents a classically styled welcoming place capable of travelling between the highest echelons of power and the intimacy of a contemporary apartment. Hemicycle has already had President Macron's stamp of approval!