Kasama Potters

Shop / Market

Partner Programme

17   —    18, 20   —    25 Sep 2022


Kasama Potters

Unit 2.2 South Arcade, Islington Square

116 Upper Street


N1 1AB

A chance to see and purchase work from the Japanese ceramic town of Kasama. The closest pottery region to Tokyo, the town has been both a supplier and a recipient of the capital's creativity. This makes it a dynamic home for ceramics, with ideas and approaches to expand on the Japanese tradition.

Around sixty miles from Tokyo, the city of Kasama is home to a flourishing community of potters, both established and up-and-coming. Within the many Japanese ceramic regions, Kasama is flexible and dynamic, and founded its post-war identity on attracting and providing an environment to individual ceramicists. The Kasama Potters project brings together thirty-two Japanese ceramicists from Kasama. The project’s aim is to promote and showcase the work of this unique pottery region, with its numerous ceramic styles. The quality and strength of Kasama’s clay fosters a close connection between the potter and the region. When producing works, Kasama’s potters have the freedom to follow and express their own aesthetic values. This freedom of expression is an important aspect of selecting forms, techniques, and glaze motifs. Awarded Monocle magazine’s Best in Craft in 2021, the Kasama Potters project this autumn in London will once again display some of the ceramic highlights to be found within their community.