Dreamachine Exhibition

Exhibition / Installation

Partner Programme

16 — 19, 21 — 24 Sept 2023

Architecture / Landscape, Digital, Interiors & Furniture, Multi-Disciplinary Design, Art / Collectibles

Hackney Downs Studios

17 Amhurst Terrace



E8 2BT

The Dreamachine Exhibition presents a selection of drawings by visitors to Dreamachine, created as reflections of their own experience. The drawings are fascinatingly diverse and just a fraction of the tens of thousands that were created by the public in cities across the UK.

The Dreamachine Exhibition complements Studio Dreamachine, a pop-up version of the 5* immersive experience in an intimate space at Hackney Downs Studios. Designed to feel like a campfire, Studio Dreamachine hosts up to 12 people at a time. Please note, you will need to book tickets for Studio Dreamachine separately here: Studio Dreamachine offers visitors an extraordinary journey into the potential of your mind. Conjured by a choreography of light and music, a colourful world will unfold behind closed eyes, created by the power of your brain and unique to you. Some people see patterns and shapes, others see abstract waves of shifting colours – some even see people, cities and landscapes. After experiencing Dreamachine, visitors are invited to create drawings inspired by what they thought, felt and saw. The selection of drawings on the live wall in the Dreamachine Exhibition were created by visitors to Studio Dreamachine, and are rotated regularly. After your Studio Dreamachine experience, you can create a drawing at our Reflection Space table and see your finished drawing on the wall. Dreamachine is inspired by an extraordinary but little-known 1959 invention by artist–inventor Brion Gysin. Designed to be the ‘first artwork to be experienced with your eyes closed’, his experimental homemade device used flickering light to create vivid illusions, kaleidoscopic patterns and explosions of colour in the mind of the viewer. Learn more about the science and history behind the Dreamachine within this exhibition and book Studio Dreamachine to experience it for yourself.