Camden Town: Make an Entrance

Workshop / Demo

Partner Programme

21 Sept 2023

Architecture / Landscape, Urban Design

Camden Collective

5-7 Buck Street




Take part in a Camden Green Loop design workshop that will shape the look and feel of Camden for millions of visitors. The session will combine the expertise of design professionals with participants’ lived experience to build concepts for interventions that transform the experience of arriving in Camden Town.

The Camden Green Loop is a public realm strategy to build beautiful, flexible public spaces that meet the needs of local communities. Local neighbourhood designers are appointed to contribute their diverse perspectives on the future of shared spaces, and work with design experts to refine project concepts that are ambitious, imaginative and viable. To celebrate LDF2023, there will be an exhibition at Camden Collective for the entire week which explores the project's key initiatives including the Camden Highline, and its approach to engaged co-design processes. There will be opportunities to submit your own ideas for the future of cities and get involved in interactive making activities focused on street furniture, public art and sustainability. The key activity of the week will be a design workshop where participants are immersed fully in the Camden Green Loop process. You will join a site visit to Camden Town underground station and the surrounding public realm, assessing how the space is currently used and fulfilling its role. With a group of local Neighbourhood Designers, urban design professionals and planners, the workshop will investigate potential solutions to the perceived challenges, and interventions that are functional whilst celebrating local culture, creativity and heritage. The experts will be on hand to help refine ideas, test their viability and offer potential alternative routes to achieve your objectives. The end of the workshop should result in a set of interventions that the group have devised to transform the experience of arriving in Camden Town via the Underground.