B&B Italia Le Bambole

Exhibition / Installation

Partner Programme

20   —    24 Sep 2022

Interiors & Furniture

B&B Italia London

250 Brompton Rd

South Kensington




On the occasion of their 50th Anniversary, B&B Italia presents Le Bambole by Mario Bellini, in a radically renewed version. Fifty years after their initial creation, these icons of Italian style are evolving thanks to new design choices that make them even more comfortable and increasingly sustainable.

A constant presence in the B&B Italia catalogue for 50 years, Le Bambole evolves and becomes even more contemporary. The revamped version recaptures a look and feel more akin to the original, favouring generous, curvy, increasingly feminine shapes. The new range sees confirmations and new elements, for a collection that restarts from the basic elements: the Bambola armchair, the Bibambola two-seater sofa, the Bamboletto double bed. In addition, the three-seater sofa has been updated to meet today's needs, with a deeper seat that has earned it the name Granbambola.