All Together by All in Awe

Exhibition / Installation

Partner Programme

16 — 24 Sept 2023

Urban Design

16 SeptOpen 24h

17 SeptOpen 24h

18 SeptOpen 24h

19 SeptOpen 24h

20 SeptOpen 24h

21 SeptOpen 24h

22 SeptOpen 24h

23 SeptOpen 24h

24 SeptOpen 24h

In Person

Free, no ticket required

Egerton Gardens

Egerton Gardens



Brompton Design District has commissioned All in Awe to develop an installation in the heart of the district at Egerton Gardens in response to Brompton’s theme ‘Conviviality – The Art of Living Together’, curated by Jane Withers Studio.

‘All Together’ is an installation by the non-profit organisation All in Awe in support of local charities. The project is a reflection on the subject of loneliness, inspired by the startling fact that the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea ( RBKC ) has one of the highest numbers of single-person households in the country. RBKC also has one of the most profound economic disparities across the UK, reminding us that the subject of loneliness is universal, affecting people from all walks of life. We are a collective of creative professionals who come together to work with charities, applying our skills to further their good work. All Together has been commissioned by Brompton Design District as part of the programme curated by Jane Withers Studio exploring ‘Conviviality – The Art of Living Together’ for London Design Festival. Several local charities are working hard to combat the causes and effects of loneliness in the community. We collaborated with them and ran a programme of creative community workshops with local people to explore and express the themes of loneliness and togetherness. The flags displayed here are the result of work by All in Awe members Stinsensqueeze and Sarah Boris who interpreted the workshop results and used data from our partner charities as a starting point for their designs. The All Together installation is displayed within the ‘Wiggle Wonderland’ pavilion, a touring structure that is activated by local communities and artists across the UK. The installation will become a venue for further workshops and events, and a place for communities to come together throughout London Design Festival.