The Evolution of Craft : Where Contemporary Design meets Traditional Techniques




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Tiipoi, in collaboration with Breather present the ‘Evolution of Craft : Where Contemporary Design meets Traditional Techniques.’ Hosted by Debika Ray, Senior Editor of ICON Magazine, Cophenhagen based WitekGolik and Spandana Gopal of Tiipoi, discuss their recent collaboration, Modern Kantha.

“Kantha is a distinctive embroidery stitch from India that in essence is simple and functional. The functional aspect of this hand-quilting technique is less often apparent because of its decorative use. By playing with scale, colour and pattern we wanted to re-present and celebrate this traditional technique as a modern medium.”

Spandana Gopal, Founder, Tiipoi

Tiipoi's newest collection, 'Modern Kantha,' has been created in collaboration with Copenhagen based studio, WitekGolik. The collection brings together a Scandinavian sensibility with ‘kantha', a traditional embroidery technique from India.

The history of kantha finds its origins in the family, where old fabric and saris were pieced together with a simple hand-embroidery technique to make layered cushions and quilts. Passed down between generations, Kantha textiles found a central place in the home both as functional objects and as emotional artefacts, communicating story, intimacy and belonging.

To coincide with the launch of the collection, Tiipoi, in collaboration with Breather presents the ‘Evolution of Craft : Where Contemporary Design meets Traditional Techniques’, a talk with the designers, hosted by Debika Ray, Senior Editor of Icon and Founder of Clove Magazine. The panel includes Martyna Golik and Sisse Witek of Studio Witek Golik, and Spandana Gopal, founder of Tiipoi. The discussion will take place at a Breather space in Clerkenwell on Tuesday, 19 September 2017, beginning at 14:00. The full collection will be on view, along with an overview of the development process and prototypes.

About Breather
Breather is a network of dedicated workspaces designed for work, meetings and to focus. Spaces are available for any length of time, with no membership fee. Breather has 500+ locations across 10 cities, including 35+ in London.

About Clove
Founded by Debika Ray, Senior Editor of ICON Magazine, Clove will launch in 2017 and is an international magazine dedicated to the culture of south asia - India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka, Nepal and Bhtan. It will explore the forces shaping this rapidly changing region and its relationship to the world - from ground breaking art, music, lm, fashion, architecture, design and litreature to social, political, technoogical and culinary movements.


Bring home a new relationship with India

Tiipoi is a lifestyle brand that explores the nuances of Indian life.
Where time is not money, where there is logic in chaos, where beauty and functionality are interchangeable.
We’re providing a window to the real India, and sharing its stories through products for your home.

In our products, we don’t hide the human hand involved in the manufacturing processes. Instead we highlight it; as an integral part of producing in India.

We at Tiipoi believe that beyond the noise, garish colours, and chaos of India there are a set of seldom seen core values. Values that champion functionality, longevity and waste reduction. This is the story of India that Tiipoi wishes to tell through its products.

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