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SPACE10 is hosting a pop-up to explore the consequences of urbanisation and the spaces we inhabit. Over the course of six days, we will examine the concept of space from different perspectives together with top-notch thought leaders. Registration on Eventbrite is required but tickets are for free.

The world is a wonderful and complex place—especially right now. We’re at a defining point in time—one that will lead to profound changes in society and in the way we live.

People are on the move like never before. In recent decades we've witnessed rapid urbanisation—a trend that is set to continue in the years ahead. By 2050, the proportion of people living in cities will have risen to 70 percent. And as our urban environments grow bigger and more crowded, we need to create meaningful spaces for everyday living that are both sustainable and affordable.

But how do we best design our spaces of tomorrow? And what defines space in a broader context?

This September, SPACE10 will host a pop-up in Shoreditch to explore the consequences of urbanisation and the spaces we inhabit. Over the course of six days, during London Design Festival, SPACE10 will examine the concept of space from different angles.

For example, SPACE10 asks how we can best design the spaces of tomorrow; how different materials and textures change our perception of space; how augmented reality and other emerging technologies might change the way we experience space; how to empower the many people to build their own spaces; and how spaces can stimulate social interaction.

SPACE10 has invited a number of thought leaders to share their expertise with us, and have together curated an exciting programme of talks, workshops and exhibitions.

For example, we’ll explore tomorrow’s urban spaces with Viewpoint magazine; the future of shared space with New York-based design studio Anton & Irene and new graduates of Central Saint Martins’ architecture and spatial design programme; and portable space the future of sustainable and affordable spaces with open-source architects WikiHouse.

With futurists’ agency Propela and Australian architect Liam Young we’ll consider a future where spaces are infused with technology and artificial intelligence, and consider what happens when spaces can speak our language and accommodate our individual needs.

We’ll discuss temporary spaces with Appear Here—dubbed the Airbnb of retail space—and hear from people who have used its service to breathe new life into empty streets and discuss how it can help reinvigorate communities and neighbourhoods.

And with the London-based research and design studio Ma-tt-er we’ll explore how materials can change the perception of a space.

Monday, September 18 / 6 PM–9.30 PM

Urban Spaces: FranklinTill & Viewpoint magazine + SPACE10
Within decades the number of people living in cities will leap from four billion to almost seven billion. But what are the consequences of this migration in terms of our urban spaces? And how will urbanisation on this scale affect the way we live, work, play and produce?

Tuesday, September 19 / 12 PM–4 PM & 6 PM–9.30 PM

Shared Spaces: Central Saint Martins + Anton & Irene + SPACE10
As our cities grow bigger and become more crowded, might we need new shared spaces in which to live, work, meet, eat and interact? How do we design shared spaces that empower the many people who are truly in need of a better everyday life?

Wednesday, September 20 / 6 PM–9.30 PM

Intelligent Spaces: Propela + SPACE10
What if we could interact with spaces the way we interact with people? What if spaces could speak our language and accommodate our individual needs? What if technology and artificial intelligence were embedded in spaces? How will augmented reality influence our relation to and perception of space?

During the day; futurists’ agency Propela will present "The Future Of_" - an event series where they invite future-shapers to share their thoughts on the near and distant future.

Thursday, September 21 / 6 PM–9.30 PM

Portable Spaces: WikiHouse + SPACE10
What if spaces could be designed in one place and built in many? How can we create sustainable, affordable spaces for everyone, anywhere, with the help of open-source design and distributed manufacturing? How do we use the internet as a distribution platform for spaces, thereby making spaces portable?

Friday, September 22 / 6 PM–9.30 PM

Temporary Spaces: Appear Here + SPACE10
How can we make our cities more interesting places to live by making spaces more accessible and open to innovation? How does using temporary space breathe new life into empty streets, and how it can reinvigorate communities and neighbourhoods? How has using temporary spaces helped brands, entrepreneurs and creatives realise their idea?

Saturday, September 23 / 12 PM–4 PM & 6 PM–12.30 AM

Material Spaces: Ma-tt-er + SPACE10
How do materials and textures affect our experience and understanding of space? How do materials change the perception of a space when the substance of that space is ever-changing from solid to fluid? How will materials evolve our spaces in the future?

SPACE10 is IKEA’s external future-living lab. SPACE10's mission is to explore global challenges, detect potential disruptions and most importantly bring together radical thinkers and specialists from around the world to ideate, prototype and design new concepts, that enable a better, more sustainable and meaningful way of living.

SPACE10 is proudly supported and set up in collaboration with Inter IKEA Systems B.V. to add an external innovation capability to the IKEA organisation that with minimum red tape can explore new ways of fulfilling IKEA’s overall vision of creating a better everyday life for the many people.

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