Mineral Gravity: Arik Levy




10 - 6pm, Monday to Sunday

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Design Frontiers

Arik Levy’s collaboration with luxury surfaces company COMPAC, Mineral Gravity, involved a large-scale sculptural mono-block mineral quartz island that appeared to float within its exhibition space like a black iceberg, as if carved from a single block of quartz.

Thin vertical slices of different quartz-based slabs of Ice of Genesis and Unique series from COMPAC formed the main structure of the installation - these sections created a feeling of endlessness against the high ceilings of Somerset House’s West Wing.

“The juxtaposition of the enormous mass of the quartz iceberg and the lightness of the slices is what brings us to have a different approach towards the space dimensions, angles and orientations of our living space”- Arik Levy.

Studio Appétit presented Mineral Delicacy, a cabinet of curiosities.

COMPAC also commissioned Amsterdam-based culinary design company Studio Appétit. Ido Garini, Studio Appétit's founder, is renowned for creating experimental culinary installations. Taking inspiration from the Mineral Gravity installation itself and working with Arik Levy, Studio Appétit presented Mineral Delicacy - a cabinet of curiosities within the installation space where guests are invited to sample the studio’s edible creations.

A daily activation in the space examined Mineral Gravity’s more elemental use as a kitchen island and its relation to food and cooking, while highlighting its allegorical connection to material creation. The activation saw an elegant boutique production line of monochrome tools and idiosyncratic ingredients resulting in a mineral dish evocative of COMPAC’s collections and using innovative techniques reminiscent of the company’s production of technical quartz and marble surfaces.

In a daily tasting visitors were not just invited to taste the edible minerals but to explore their coexistence with COMPAC surfaces by placing their mineral in one of three mini photography sets and create and document their aesthetic exploration.

Daily Activations at Mineral Gravity

Chocolate Rubble, Monday Sept. 18th (10AM)
A monumental multi-layer, multi-colour geometric chocolate block, broken into shards, each with
different flavours and material imitations.

Sugar Surfaces, Tuesday Sept. 19th
4 different sugar surfaces, transparent with dried fruit encrusted inside that creates unique patterns
and texture.

Jelly Gems, Wednesday Sept. 20th (5PM)
Translucent crystal gems, each with a strong and surprising flavour. These geometric forms from a
larger yellow and translucent block.

Golden Sheets, Thursday Sept. 21st (5PM)
Thin layers of merengue, electroplated with real gold particles.

Fizzy Crystals, Friday Sept. 22nd (5PM)
Amorphic sugar sticks made from carbonated sugar with citrus sting that creates a reaction in your mouth.

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