Haunted Chandelier by Lara Bohinc for The Mandrake




Mon-Fri, 10am-8pm

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Inspired by the magical properties of the Mandrake plant, the new hotel features a monumental gothic chandelier by Lara Bohinc. Made of steel and jesmonite, and illuminated by 30 wax candles, the chandelier’s grid-like design was inspired by caves, stalactites and hanging gardens. 

Bohinc Studio

Lara Bohinc set up Bohinc Studio for the exploration of furniture and object design in 2016. A mark of her work is versatility. A passionate believer in the universality of good design, she made the most of the opportunities to bridge the divide between jewellery, objects and furniture.

Bohinc’s ability to create work of everlasting beauty is rooted in her familiarity with industrial processes. While retaining a deep respect for the traditional principles of her craft, she has also drawn on her knowledge of industrial techniques, fusing modernity of style with function to achieve a contemporary elegance. The same principles apply in all of her designs – use of the finest materials, and an obsession with deconstruction and reconfiguration of pure geometric form. Overall, Bohinc’s signature style is a mix of contradictions: bold yet light, graphic yet fluid, angular yet feminine.

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