Brixton Playing Fields




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Brixton Playing Fields is an interactive, outdoor arts installation with collaborative play and inclusivity at its heart. “Play should be at the centre of a united community and our aim is to encourage adults and children to engage, talk, build and create together.” 

The location for Brixton Playing Fields is at the centre of Brixton, open 24 hours a day, free to enter and open to all. The location is a unique, undeveloped pocket of land enveloped by rapid regeneration. For 9 days, this space will be brought to life with a visually striking installation, a chance to highlight the benefits of public space within our cities.  

‘Tools’ will be provided for participants to create their own bespoke games, their own rules and stories in an environment that looks familiar at first, but, on closer investigation isn’t so conventional. What will be created? What will be left behind?

Play is where children learn to share and interact with one another and where social boundaries are broken. Adults wriggle from the shackles of socially acceptable grown-up behaviour, and individuals merge for bigger teams where the joint ambition to have fun, to learn or to win overrides anything else.

Brixton Playing Fields welcomes everyone. Come out to play… 

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