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The fractal tree is the manifestation of geometrical play stemming from the growth logic of tree branches. Operating as a city sculpture and a sustainable device, the timber structure transforms itself and its environment over the course of the day.

Both metaphor and abstraction of its natural source, RARE architects’ fractal tree is an active abstraction stemming from the growth logic and recycling mechanic of nature. Crafted by advanced manufacturing, it is simultaneously an urban shading and a water collector device as well as a powerful evocation of the need for innovation associated with responsibility.

Concept & Design: RARE Architecture
Structural Consultant: ParmarBrook
Joinery: Szubert Carpentry
Plants: Green Factory

RARE architecture

RARE architecture is an office for research, architecture and education. Projects range from the scale of the Object to the Urban.

Operating worldwide from offices in Paris and London, the practice exercises an ethos of mixing commissions with research to produce tailored work using new materials, innovative typologies and advanced modes of design and production to produce sustainable, efficient and distinctive projects. We stress the need to establish a tailored response, which implies a singular design process for each project with an adapted use of our network of competencies. Mixing different endeavours we sensibly apply transversal thinking between teaching, research and commissions.

The office has recently completed an acclaimed 9000 sq.m. redevelopment project in London and is working on several residential and commercial projects for public and private clients. In parallel the office pursues the design and manufacturing of furniture and object collections.

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